Dear Beloved Community,

At the Pray Course last night, we thought about how our faith is ‘relational, not transactional’. What does that mean? Sometimes in our Christian life, we turn God into a divine ATM. We fill our prayer shopping trolly with all of our wants and needs and crash it into the gates of heaven waiting for a transaction return.

Faith is not a cold, mechanical ritual, a “quid pro quo” in which we must do something to obtain something in return. Faith is about the deepening of our relationship with God. So, when we pray, perhaps we might simply begin by focusing on God himself rather than on what we want from him. Make your main goal while praying to simply enjoy time with God. Approach your prayers as tools for getting to know God better instead of as ways to try to convince God to grant your requests.

We might remember those words from CS Lewis – ‘In commanding us to glorify him, God is inviting us to enjoy him’.


Rev Rob

Gathering Grounds Closed Tuesday

We received notification that the electricity will be off in the centre on Tuesday. AS a result we have no option but to close the Gathering Grounds that day. That means there will be no lunch and no mid-week service.  We will, however, have soup on Wednesday for those who would like to come along.

Parish Centre Closed – Tuesday, 31 January

As there will be no power in the centre on Tuesday, no classes will run between 9am and 6pm.  Power is due to be restored at 6pm.

The Prayer Course

A reminder that the prayer course takes a break next Sunday as it is the bank holiday weekend.

Prayer Meeting 

The online prayer meeting starts again this Wednesday at 8:00.  It’s a short service of prayer using the structure of the Late Evening Office. Would love to have you join us –  Meeting ID: 854 4797 7275, Passcode: 232524

Play Café Gets OWT!

Some more  Wintry themed fun and play activities planned fpr this week along with a few activities to celbrate Chinese New Year. We continue to gather in the hall for a couple of months of hibernation.  

We are fully booked once again this week but we do have a waitlist which you can join by following the link. It only takes a few minutes and we always  have last minute cancellations.  Alternatively contact Lynn directly on 087 695 7061.

Bumps & Babes 2023!

A warm welcome awaits new parents, and parents to be,  at the Gathering Grounds on Wednesday morning from 10am-11:30am. This is an informal, friendly meet-up to enjoy a cuppa in company,  relax, chat and meet others in the community.  So, if you’re expecting or have a baby from newborn to pre-walking, we invite you to come alone or bring a friend.  (No need to book) For more information contact Julie or Lynn