Kilternan Parish is committed to providing a safe and happy work environment for volunteers.
This grievance procedure aims to deal in a fair, prompt and impartial manner with the
grievances of individual volunteers in relation to their role or duties.

Most difficulties can be dealt with through the normal channels of communication within a
parish. Where this is not possible, the purpose of this grievance procedures is to provide for the
orderly resolution of the issues in a fair and open way.

Informal discussions
If a volunteer has any grievance about their volunteering or a colleague they should discuss it
informally, as soon as possible, with the leader in charge of their group or where they are the
leader in charge of the group with the Incumbent. Their grievance should be taken seriously,
and everything done to try to resolve the issue informally. The majority of concerns are likely to
be resolved at this stage.

If a volunteer feels that the matter has not been resolved through informal discussions, they
should put the grievance to the panel. On receipt of a grievance under this grievance
procedure, the panel will arrange to meet with the volunteer to allow them the opportunity to
explain their grievance and share how they would like it to be addressed. The volunteer will
have the right to be accompanied by a friend to this meeting. Following this meeting, the panel
will give a written response, not later than ten working days after the meeting, outlining how the
grievance will be responded to. If the grievance requires further meetings or investigations, the
ten working day limit may be extended. The response will follow this meeting and include a
reference to the right of appeal.

If the volunteer feels the issue has still not been resolved satisfactorily, they may appeal to the
bishop of the diocese, whose decision is final. You may be accompanied by a friend at this
appeal hearing and you will be afforded the opportunity to explain the basis on which you
believe that the panel’s decision was wrong.

In the event that the grievance concerns another employee, the panel may request that the
grievance be made in writing in order that the person who the grievance concerns may have an
opportunity fully and fairly to answer any such grievance. Where your grievance concerns
another employee, the procedures outlined above may not apply in relation to the investigation
of the grievance. In such circumstances, you will be informed in advance of the alternative
procedure which will apply.

Grievances procedures for staff
Staff members may raise grievances with their line manager in line with the grievance
procedures laid out in their staff contract.

Adopted by the Select Vestry on 11 June 2024