Charity & Mission Partners

Each year we provide financial support, prayer and volunteering to help 10 long term mission partners as well annual appeals and fundraising for a range of other causes including refugee services, mental health services and child services.  Click on the links below to some of our partners to find out more about their amazing work.

We ask all our members and visitors to consider supporting our work as we aim to make a positive benefit for all our community, social and faith ministries. Day to day you will see that in the Parish and in the Gathering Grounds, we offer a huge range of services, faith formation courses and prayer and faith group to share the Good News and make Jesus known to all, as well as providing to support those in need through our social justice, mental health, youth work, pastoral care, prayer, environment and charity ministries. We hope that you will consider a once-off donation below or a more regular donation to our work which you can find details of here, it really does go a long way and you can see a full statement of our annual accounts and how we spend our resources in our Annual Report available in the Parish Centre and thank you for your support.