Dear Beloved Community,

On Sunday, at the altogether service, I preached on the topics of resentment and grace based on the parable of the labourers in the vineyard from Matthew 20. Quite a few people shared how they enjoyed the 21 Days of No complaining idea I talked about. Sadly, it’s not my own, but I thought I might share for those who missed it, in case you wanted to give it a go.

It came from Will Bowen, the founder of the organisation A Complaint Free World. Back in 2007, he started a campaign called 21 days without complaining. The rules are simple: put an elastic band on one wrist. Every time you complain, switch it over to the other wrist. Repeat, until the band has remained on one wrist for three weeks. When you complain you start at day 1 again.

What the elastic band did was demonstrate how frequently we get stuck in the trap of complaining. One of his observations is that complaining in a toxic habit, and its one that we would be wise to break.

Maybe you might give it a go as we commit ourselves to journey from resentment and complaint to grace and gratitude.



Services this Sunday

Service for Sunday 1 October

8:30am:  Morning Prayer.

9:45am: Sunday Morning @ the Gathering Grounds.

11:00am: Morning Prayer.

This week I have been given the opportunity to take a bit of pilgrimage time away and walk part of the Camino de Santiago. I am very thankful for the opportunity to refresh and reflect. In my absence this Sunday, Brian Hickey, our previous youth worker is going to come along and speak at our 9:45 and 11am service. It will be a great opportunity to hear what he has been up to since he left.

For any pastoral emergencies in my absence, you can contact Rev David Bowles on

Notes for this Week

Tuesday Midweek Service at 11:30

Our midweek service meets on Tuesdays in the church. Looking forward to seeing you.

Play Café Gets OWT! (Outside With Toddlers)

As we head into another week it looks like we will be inside in the main hall again this week with our diggers, cars, trains, fire engines, race cars and more transport inspired activities.

We are fully booked, however last-minute cancellations mean spaces become available, so should you wish to join the waitlist you can so using the following link or text Lynn.

TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More):  We are looking to build the team as a few have moved on to embark on a new chapter. Though this brings us great joy we also do miss their input! Have you a free hour or so, and a little energy to spare?  Maybe you can lend a hand with some set up after the school drop off or come and join and get to know the families – a listening ear can mean the world to a sleep deprived parent, or maybe you could come towards the end of the session and help with the tidy-up. We really would love to hear from you. Lynn 087-695 7061

Bumps & Babes

If you are expecting or have a baby from new-born to pre-walking, come alone or bring a friend to Bumps and Babes. Whether you are tired, in need of some caffeine or in need of a listening ear. As a new parent, or parent to be, you are invited to take some time for yourselves. Come join us and enjoy a cuppa in company in the Gathering Grounds from 10am on Wednesday. The informal friendly meet-up is a space where you can relax, chat and meet others in the community. A warm welcome awaits you and there is no need to book. For more information contact Julie  or Lynn 087 695 7061

Gathering Grounds Cafe

We are open Monday till Saturday! See you over a coffee of for lunch Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.