Dear beloved community

This weekend we launch or Gift Day appeal.

We would love you to have a look at our Gift Day video which shares a bit about what we have been doing this year and what we hope to do in 2023. A big thanks to Derek Darlington who donated his time and skills to make this video. We will be showing it in church over the weekend, but you can see it here. If you enjoy it, perhaps you will share it with friends or family.

You might like to give a one-time donation using the harvest envelopes in church or through online giving. You will find more information here:

If you’re not yet giving, perhaps you might consider doing so. You might consider setting up a direct debit. Information is on the link above.

If you are giving, perhaps you might take this opportunity to revisit your giving. Are you in a position where you might be able to give a little bit more?

You will also find attached our Gift Day flyer.

A big thanks for all you support!